Monday, September 24, 2007

SBC and the media

Our group discussed the way that this case really does emphasize the fact that controversial ideas are always going to get more press coverage than moderate ones. Clearly, within the SBC, theology was a huge issue, but in terms of media interest, theology is only interesting to a theologian. Therefore, the media had to frame it in the context of a power struggle. The story of the Fundamentalists had all of the elements of a great, scandalous news story, hence, they got the coverage.

We thought that the SBC's current position on the media was very interesting, because it's incredibly realistic and encourages active involvement instead of passive resistance. They recognize that media is an incredibly powerful force and ignoring it is impossible, but they remind their members that as consumers of media they have choices, and can choose to support positive media and use their resources to control the influence of negative media.--Emily Parry, Group 2

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