Monday, September 22, 2008

Amish and the Cell Phone

This week's case study will focus on Amish response to the cell phone. The core reading is Howard Rheingold article on what learned about the Amish & their interaction with the cell phone in "Look Who's Talking" published in Wired. Also take a look at Time magazine's article and on the same topic. For more background on the Amish response to technology see The Amish: Technology Practice and Technological Change. Based on these articles and the class discussion on Wednesday reflect on the following questions?

Case Study Reflection Questions:

-How does this history, tradition and core values of the Amish set the stage for their response towards new forms of media?

-How does the Amish response to the cell phone differ or resonate from Zimmerman's assessment of the Amish response and the Telephone?

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