Wednesday, March 2, 2011

U.S. And Muslim World: Where Do We Go From Here?

John L. Esposito was a great speaker, he really kept the audiences attention. He covered many topics but I was specifically interested in the young man he knew that was a a well-known blogger and an active speaker outside of his country, until he couldn't leave the country due to his blogging something something about his government that was not received well. He, the blogger, noted that the only president they knew was Barak. He knows the limit of free speech and the reprocussions that follow.

A Palestinian that Mr. Eposito knew had a, "message with no verbal". It was a picture of the American presidents dating all the way back to Reagan. Next to it was the same concept, but of Egyptian presidents. Dating all the way back to..well they were all Barack! This government was all that had ever been known for many Egyptians. Egyptians government is so different to the American democracy. Not to sound cliche, but it puts into light how lucky we are. While we have all of these, "problems", with how our government is being run, is there a way to continue to better our great country and to portray to all Americans how fortunate we are?

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