Sunday, December 1, 2013

Networked Religion in Advocacy Groups

In my case study involving how Facebook Advocacy Groups use narratives such as comments in the form of posts to show spirituality, there was a distinct sub group of Networked Religion. Within the research of the case study I was able to see Networked Community within the sub group of Support and Prayer. This sub group was one that showed narratives of positivity and support within subjects such as needed prayer and dead. A particular group Christians for Christian was an Advocacy Group that followed the journey of a young boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The group and its followers were emotionally invested in the boy’s story, progress, and eventually death. When the young boy passed there were several posts offering condolences and prayers to the family of Christian.When talking about Networked Community you look at social media sites that can offer loosely-bound community. In a sense this group became a supportive community themselves, investing their time, words, and love to a family in a time of need. The comments seemed as though they were coming from a personal loss rather than just a loss of a boy whom they had never met in the real world. These types of Advocacy groups show that even when there are no person to person interactions there can still be a type of emotional community connection within the group.

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