Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blog 2-Defining Sample & Anatony of Memes

In week two you are asked to define your research sample of memes you will analyze.  Each student will explore a totally of 12 memes and focus on three each week over the next 4 weeks. In this week's blog you should define your sample, select a specific framework, theme and/or time frame (for instance all memes should have been posted in the past 12 months). Explain and justify the sample you have chosen and provide hyperlinks to all of the memes to be analyzed.

Next you are asked to provide a thorough unpacking and anatomy of the meme genre or background of the meme group you are studying. 

For those studying memes about religion you should answer the following questions: What are the components of the meme you are looking at (images, text, saying, characters) and where do they come from?  How do these elements and how they are assembled impact the meaning of the meme and messages they spread about reading? Provide three concrete example of and show how they illustrate this.

For those studying religious memes you should answer the following questions: What is the background and mission/focus of the group posting about memes you are studying? How does this impact the kinds of memes they present, create and or circulate? What seem to be the common themes this group expressed? Provide three concrete example and explain this.

Post these response on your individual blog by 5pm on Friday.

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