Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blog 4-Analyzing Rhetorical & Memetic Techniques in Memes

In this week we focus our reflection reflect on the rhetorical and textual elements of the memes under investigation, with special attention being paid to how key symbols, shared ideas and beliefs about religion are presented in your meme sample.

Your blog  post should related to the principals discussed in Chapters  5 & 6  of Shifman's  Memes in Digital Culture and the reflection activities from this week's meme research workshop.   Specifically you are asked to respond to the following questions:

What common key symbols, shared ideas and values/beliefs that your memes focus on?

What are the dominant features of memetic and viral culture, employed by your meme sample?

What are the dominant forms of humor used in your memes?

How does that impact how religion and religious ideas/beliefs are framed?

Again, please highlight and describe three representative memes that express and illustrate these principals and the argument you are trying to make

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