Thursday, October 30, 2008

iPhone as the Jesus Phone & Cult of Mac: Implicit Religion in Popular Technology

This week we will be exploring a unique example of implicit religion within popular culture by looking at how the iPhone became framed as the "Jesus phone" by bloggers, then the press and then how religious imagery was embraced by Apple itself in its ad campaign for the iPhone. In order to understand this phenomenon we will read these events in light of the "Cult of Macintosh" ideology which promotes a number of religious-like myths about Mac technologies and its users. To learn more about the roots of the Jesus phone check out the tech blog gizmodo who coined the term and have discussed the cult of Mac. Also check out the blog which is dedicated the the so-called cult of the iphone.

Case Study Discussion Questions:

•Why do you think the iPhone was framed as the Jesus Phone?
•How did the Cult of Mac myths contribute to this framing?
•What does the “Jesus phone” tell us about the relationship between media technology and religion in popular culture?

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