Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Kosher Cell Phone

This week we will explore birth of the kosher cell phone in Israel. The Kosher cell phone was developed in 2005 in response to the Ultra Orthodox community cry for phone technology that provide essential mobile services minus the problematic functions that might allow users access to questionable moral influences. Kosher cell phones have been stripped of video, web & sms access that might expose users to harmful content. They also bear a kosher symbol, indicating the devices are approved for use by a number of rabbis in their community. Besides the assigned reading, if you are interested in finding out more check out these recent articles: Kosher phone line to be launched, Partner to provide kosher cell phones and Israel's 'kosher' cell phone testing appetite for growth
Case Study Discussion Questions:

-Discuss briefly how the 4 categories of religious-social shaping of technology influence the emergence of the kosher cell phone?
-How does the Ultra Orthodox engagment and negotiation with the cell phone compare to the Amish response?

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