Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Final Meme Blog: Reading Religion in Memes

For your final meme blog you are tasked with two reflections.

First you are asked to create a meme that summarize your key findings related to what messages and ideas about religion your study of  Internet memes has revealed. Your meme should express in a succinct how your specific case study frames popular understandings about religion or the specific religious community under study.  You should post your meme and then offer a 150-200 word explanation of what your summary meme seeks to express.

Second you are asked to compare your findings with one or two similar case studies from among your classmates to reflect on to what extent your findings echo or contrast their own and why you think this is so. This portion of the post should be 100-200 words and provide concrete examples/explanations to back up your claims.

Happy Blogging!

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