Friday, September 27, 2013

Identifying trends in the performance and construction of lived religion online

In week 6 are asked to reflect on six examples of how religion is performed and constructed in the social media platform which is the focus of your case study.  Carefully consider what seem to be the similarities and difference in how religion is discussed, presented and understood in these examples.

- Can you identify some common trends or strategies used to talk about or visualize religion?
- What seem to be the common messages, stories or beliefs promoted or emphasized?
- Are their competing messages or ideas about religion communicated? 

See what trends or patterns you can identify amongst these specific example and then summarize your initial findings about how religion is generated and framed based on these six examples.

Based on this synthesis you should also identify and state your proposed research question or focus for the remainder of the blogging assignment.

What seems to be the key traits of lived religion online your research has uncovered? How do these findings inform and help you to focus your further study of user-generated religion in social media?

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