Friday, September 13, 2013

Mapping User Generated Religion

In week four you will begin collecting data for your case study investigation of user generated religion in social media. This involves doing online ethnographic research in a specific social media platform in which you will engage in a systematic observation of online practices and messages created and provide a “thick description” of your findings.  This first week of observation will help you to reflect on your chosen case and consider whether you might need to refine your chose topic or further clarify how you have framed and described your case in your proposal. 

Your task this week is to identify and explore three concrete instances of how social media user in your chosen platform perform or construct religion.  For each example you should look at the equivalent of one week or three distinct examples of content.  Through these observations you are being asked to reflect on a series of questions:

-What is unique about the style and form of communication the social media platform you are studying? How might this impact how religion is communicated in this context?

-What options or limits does this technology offer for those seeking to use it to perform or construct religious practices and/or content?

-What seems to be the primary message/s about religion each of the examples you have chosen to study communicate?

Please start your blog post with a 1-2 sentence summary of your chosen case study, and explain if you have made any changes since your initial proposal and why.  Then share you observations and response to the questions listed above.  Have fun and enjoy the process of online exploration.

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