Friday, September 20, 2013

More Investigations in Lived Religion in Social Media

In week 5 you are asked to repeat the assigned blogging task, by identifying and

describing three additional example of how religion is lived out online in your chosen case study. This week place close attention not only how the technology of the social media platform may influence how religion is expressed and portrayed, but consider how individual users seem to adapt or personalize these technologies to express their religious beliefs. As you reflect on these three examples consider the following questions:

- How does this particular individual use social media to shape and present their religious beliefs? Is there anything unique in their use of social media? How does it compare to other users of this platform?

- How does the visual elements (i.e. images, site/post design & personalization, use of links) chosen effect the messages about religion communicated?

- What seems to be the central goal or aim of these examples studied? What ideas or understandings of religion do they seem to promote?


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